Friday, July 1, 2016

Washington Beauty: Lewis River Falls

I noticed that I've grown much more inclined to be in the midst of nature. Lewis River Falls in Cougar, WA, is the perfect setting to attain a sense of isolation and to feel like a speck in the world. It's a worthwhile, almost 9 mile roundtrip hike for the novice hiker, but I imagine even the experienced hiker would appreciate the overwhelming beauty. When researching trails in the Pacific Northwest, I knew right away it would be difficult to choose from the hundreds available. I first narrowed down the search by looking for places with waterfalls. I settled on Lewis River Falls because it's remote enough to avoid crowds, but it wasn't so remote that it would feel unsafe. When Steve and I arrived, no other cars were parked at the trailhead, and we only passed by two other people on our way out. The path was clear and well established. There were some steeper parts, but they were very manageable. And we didn't come across any dangerous wildlife (e.g. the types with large claws or the poisonous variety). At most, we saw a couple green slugs nearly the size of Twinkies. Yeah. Anyway, the greatest feature about this hike is that you're immediately struck by the lush green and the crashing waters of Lower Lewis Falls. From there, each succeeding waterfall at Middle and then Upper River Falls gets better and better. So beautiful!

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