Sunday, April 3, 2016

Yay! Swatches: JOYBIRD


After many years of trying to maintain a clean, white sectional and failing miserably, the mister and I decided to forfeit and get a new couch. Anyone who has kept a white sofa clean seriously deserves a trophy made of solid gold or chocolate or chocolate gold.

Steve stumbled onto Joybird when we were considering a different brand. The furniture looks stream lined and well designed. The reviews stated over and over that the sofas are well made so out of curiosity, I requested free swatches in the Blues & Purples range. Seeing the fabrics in person really sold it for us. I want to see couches made with all of them, especially the tweed! Tweeeed!

We placed an order for the Eliot sofa, and I have high hopes that it'll turn out as lovely as I imagine. I'm typically pretty doubtful with online purchases, but Joybird offers free shipping and free returns. We'll see if the couch lives up to the photos on the site!

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