Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Type: Royal!

A lovely, lovely letter from my hubby:

Happy Birthday! When I bought this typewriter, I was thinking that we would just be finishing up your new desk and that this would be a perfect complement. I think it still could be. I know you've been holding back on your creative endeavors because you feel you have no place in the house and the kids will destroy your supplies, that may be true, but I feel that we should still try to establish a space for you. I'm hoping that just knowing it is there may actually inspire you to use it. This is meant to be the first step towards that.

This is a fully restored Royal Quiet Deluxe in a pretty snazzy red. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of vintage typewriters and was the preferred machine of many famous writers like Ernest Hemingway. It's even the typewriter used in the movie Misery! I hope you don't take inspiration from Kathy Bates, but I hope you are compelled to use it to write stories or poetry or letters to friends near and far. When you get a little older, you can use it to write cranky letters to the editors about all the smut and filth in their publications. Even if the people at ZooNooz are confused, they will appreciate the carefully-crafted appearance of your letters.

All kidding aside, I hope this will be useful to you somehow and that you'll let us build a decent space for you to be creative. I love you so much. If this makes you smile a little bit, I'll be happy. If it's a lot, I'll be ecstatic!


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