Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Heart: Hubert Alyea

       Princeton chemistry professor
       Sources: LifePrincetonBoing Boing

The video is a tad long. I viewed the whole thing and couldn't help but smile throughout (I especially liked the 18:45 mark). I don't know why, but it always makes me happy to see people who are so passionate and enthusiastic. Plus you add an old man to the mix, and it just doubles the joy. These people make an impact. You remember them until you have dementia. I had a biochemistry professor who loved protein structure. He called all the beta turns and alpha helices beautiful. Honestly, the slides of different protein structures for my untrained eyes became monotonous to look at. But you wanted to keep looking because your professor cared. You wanted to see what they were seeing, like those Magic Eye 3D posters, which drove me nuts by the way.

After college, I met some people who had taken the same courses as me, and we reminisced about one class in particular: AIDS and Society. We remember the professor, her dry humor, and baritone voice. And we all remember how she humanized the course. It wasn't just about the mechanisms behind HIV, and it wasn't just about the historical information. Our professor presented information in a way that ultimately, affected us. For instance, I think it was the first class, when she decided to show us a video of a couple living with AIDS. A classroom of 400 students were nearly all crying by the end of it. The topic was heavy, and it was important, and she made us feel that.

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