Monday, July 30, 2012

Summertime Swim

Zimmermann Newspaper Bikini 230
Image source: Barneys
Camilla & Marc 220
Image source: Neiman Marcus

Mara Hoffman 220
Image source: Shop Bop

     Tropical party 54
     Image source: Land's End Canvas

I recently bought this swimsuit because I had the sudden urge to own something more "grown-up." I would've really liked to have the Camilla & Marc number, but I don't have Beyonce's wallet. I scoured the mall and interwebs for a decent swimsuit, and here's what I learned about swimwear: 

1) They're either very cheap or very expensive with little in between. 
2) They're hideous. 

I was about to give up when I found myself on Land's End Canvas. I thought it was an old lady site but that's Land's End minus the Canvas. It seems like Land's End Canvas is trying to appeal to people who want an alternative to American Eagle for people in their 30s. The styling is still a little dowdy, but I really like their swim line. It's well made and with decent materials. I scored my swimsuit for $40 with free shipping. All I gotta say is there's double lining and bone structure around the bust. Yes and yes.

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