Wednesday, May 16, 2012


                                 Billy Balls - zero care terrarium 20
                                 Image source: Wendiland
       Less work, more zen 37
       Image source: Wendiland
                             Marimo algae pet 23
                             Image source: Wendiland
                             Care tutorial: Wendi explains on YouTube

                  If I wasn't on mommy hiatus and still had an office, or rather, shared office (5 people in a
                  12x12 room), I'd definitely have one of these plants chillin' on my desk. What initially
                  struck my eye was the marimo, which reminded me of My Neighbor Totoro for some
                  reason. It's just so darn cute and even though it's a ball of algae, it really does seem like a
                  pet. You have to poke it every now and then to keep it's shape and change the water.
                  That's it! I'm terrible at taking care of plants and aquatic pets, but this is so easy. All of
                  the items sold by Wendi seem like they'd make your day at work just a little more happy,
                  and who doesn't like that? Only jerks.

                  Etsy shop: Wendiland
                  Location: Orange County, USA

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