Sunday, January 29, 2012

On the Highway

I went to New York several years ago, and came across the store Big Bag. Just seeing the name, I knew it was for me. My brother was with me, and he said he'd buy me one bag (yeah, he's super nice!). I was a poor college student at the time so I was very excited. I decided on a brown laptop Highway bag with maroon vinyl accents. The bag had so many compartments that I thought I was in heaven. After much use and abuse, I had to retire it. It was quite disheartening, but I knew I had to move on. I owned maybe 3 hobo type purses after that but it just wasn't the same. They all looked great but lacked functionality. I think women have a tendency to own so many that the market has a superfluous amount of crappy bags. The first one had a faulty zipper. The second didn't have enough zippered compartments so all my things were lost at the bottom. The third was held closed with a magnetic button so when my purse fell so did the contents. What a girl to do?

I live in California and Highway bags doesn't sell their stuff online. On my 25th birthday, Steve got me a purse but not just any purse. Hot dog, it was a Highway bag. Apparently, he called the store, and they gladly agreed to send it our way. Well, I don't know if they "gladly" agreed, but I'm just assuming because I like them so much. Okay, I just asked Steve if the store was very nice and eager to send the purse, and he said, "yes." I knew it! Anyway, I have to say that when you visit their site and see the little icons of bags, it doesn't do it justice at all. Their webpage is not particularly orgasmic.

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