Saturday, March 10, 2012

Store Showcase: Progress South Park

     Dang media stand
     H29" W42" D20"

     Lily pad table
     W33" H20" D30.5"

     Woodrow bed - queen
     H35.5" W65" L89.5

     Perimeter floor lamp
     H67.5" Diameter 20"
     Stash desk
     H29.5" W42" D24"

     I went to Progress recently, and it's a great furniture/gift shop. The store turned out to be a tad smaller   
     than I was expecting but ultimately, it doesn't matter. I'm not sure if this is an insult, but the layout is very  
     much like Urban Outfitters. The difference is that there are no clothes and almost every furniture item that 
     the products are laid out on are also for sale. There are plenty of quirky gift knick knacks and paper 
     enthusiast type greeting cards. You know that a woman was working there that day because she had the 
     heater blasting. It was a cold day so I appreciated it. Steve was sweatin' a bit though but not pit stains 
     bad. Service was friendly. We'll be back (yes, Ah-nold accent and all).
     Source: Progress South Park, Yelp

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